Are Most Lottery Winners Quick Picks?

Are most lottery winners quick picks or own numbers?

Are most lottery winners quick picks or own numbers? The answer to this is mostly a matter of personal choice. Pick your own numbers if you’re more traditional and wish to do so. A quick pick, on the other hand, is the way to go if you want a shortcut and some randomization.

The Powerball machine generates quick picks, which are random numbers. This can be an easier and faster way to start playing the game.

The exhilaration of picking their own numbers, on the other hand, is something that many people like. They may want to use a type of meaningful pattern or combination, such as birth dates, lucky numbers, or anniversaries.

What is a quick pick in Lottery?

Fast plays, lucky dips, and quick picks are all the same thing. This is an add-on to a lottery game that may be used when purchasing a lottery ticket and relieves you, the player, of the task of deciding which numbers to play. You instead assign this responsibility to a random number generator (RNG). The RNGs used by different lottery operators are all programmed to work absolutely randomly, ensuring that whatever numbers the quick pick selects are totally random and will not easily match the numbers provided to another participant.

Pros of Quick Picks

Why Should You Choose the Quick Pick Option?

Between seventy and eighty percent of lottery players choose Quick Pick, making it the more common choice. The following are a few of the possible reasons why Quick Pick is utilized more frequently:

Easy to Use and Quick

It will take a significant amount of time to choose your lottery numbers by hand. When the jackpot reaches eight, nine, or ten figures, it can make for a process that is time-consuming. In situations like that, there is typically a marked increase in the number of people playing the lottery.

To begin, it is highly likely that you will have to stand in line in order to obtain a playsheet. After that, you will need to select your number and correctly complete the required information for the tickets you wish to play. After that, you’ll need to get in line and wait to pay for your items and hand them over to the cashier.

When utilizing Quick Pick, the procedure becomes a great deal simpler. You will only need to walk up to the cashier, inform them that you want however many Quick Picks in the lottery of your choice, hand them the appropriate amount of money, and then you will be able to leave with your tickets and numbers in hand.

Completely Randomized

There is no rhyme or reason behind the winning combination of lottery numbers that is drawn. The patterns that emerge when looking back over the previous numbers are almost completely irrelevant to the drawings that will come later.

It is a logical fallacy to attempt to predict the next event in a sequence that is completely random. Because it hasn’t been selected in a while and is overdue, you might assume that a number will be drawn next.

The bonus choice and the five numbers are chosen at random by a computer. The numbers that are given to you are merely the result of random events and good fortune. These are the same factors that determine the winning lottery numbers when they are drawn from the hat.

Wider Selection Available

The majority of people who play games with hand-selected numbers do so for a reason. In certain situations, it could be the result of a recognized pattern or system. The majority of the time, however, these numbers are selected because they have some sort of emotional significance attached to them.

One through sixty-nine are the possible numbers for the Powerball. The Mega Millions lottery goes one step further and includes numerals ranging from one to seventy in its game. If you restrict your number pool to 31 or fewer, more than half of the play sheet will be disregarded.

When you make use of Quick Pick, any limitations that you imposed on yourself will be lifted, and the entire playsheet will become accessible to you.

A Lower Chances of Splitting Winnings

The odds of winning won’t change just by selecting Quick Pick (more on that later). The odds of sharing the prize with other players, on the other hand, may be slightly reduced as a result.

Quick Pick numbers are chosen at random, which is the reason for this. Because of this, the likelihood of these numbers being someone else’s “lucky” number is significantly reduced.

For instance, the number seven is considered by many to be extremely fortunate, despite the fact that it is not drawn nearly as frequently as one might believe it would be. In both the Powerball and Mega Ball bonus games, the number seven is one of the most frequently selected numbers.

Stopping Is Much Easier

Playing the same numbers every week is a common occurrence. The problem with this strategy is that it is likely to result in you developing an emotional attachment to them. This is the strategy’s main flaw. When you’ve been playing the same numbers for years, it can be difficult to take a week off.

Because the numbers that are generated for you each week have no connection at all to the numbers that were generated for you the week before, you would have no idea that you had a shot at winning.

The Cons of Quick Picks

The most significant drawback of using the Quick Pick is that once the numbers have been selected, there is no way to go back. After the ticket has been printed, you’re stuck with your numbers, and there are no refunds available.

A Quick Pick ticket with the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 and a bonus modifier of 6 could be issued to you. Even for a ticket that has an extremely high probability of being invalid, you won’t be able to get a “do-over” or a refund.

Why Should You Choose Your Own Numbers Instead of Using the Random Number Generator?

It is much less common to choose your own numbers for the lottery than it is to use Quick Pick. On the other hand, the following are a few reasons why selecting your own numbers might be a better option:

Pros of Selecting Your Own Numbers

You are in Control

If you choose your own lottery numbers, you’ll have complete control over the situation. You are free to pick any sequence of numbers that you feel most comfortable with. Picking numbers based on a perceived pattern, significant dates, or statistics from previous drawings is not prohibited by anything.

Results Which Are Quick

If you choose your own numbers, it will be much easier for you to determine whether or not your numbers match those of the winning combination. You won’t have to go through your tickets one at a time and look at each one if you play the same numbers every week.

It takes care of numbers that are commonly used.

People tend to play certain numbers more frequently than others, as was previously mentioned. Selecting numbers that are drawn very infrequently is one common tactic used in the lottery. The idea behind this strategy is that picking numbers that are relatively infrequently selected will lower the chances of the jackpot being split.

Higher Flexibility

In both versions of the lottery, players can choose from a number of different games and compete for enticing prizes. You may have more flexibility and be able to enter more than one drawing if you choose your own numbers. You could play the game several weeks in advance, use the same numbers each time, use different numbers each time, or combine the two strategies.

Cons of Selecting Your Own Numbers

The possibility of making an error on your play sheet is the most significant drawback associated with selecting your own numbers. After the ticket has been printed, there are no refunds available.

If you inadvertently choose the incorrect number or fail to make a box in order to enter a specific drawing, you will still be stuck with your card. The amount of money you win or your ability to claim your prize may be negatively impacted by these errors.

Are Most Lottery Winners Quick Picks?

Has anyone ever won the Powerball with a Quick Pick ticket?

Yes, a Quick Pick ticket has been used to win the Powerball in numerous instances. A Powerball ticket purchased in Chino Hills, California with the Quick Pick number combination won the $1 million jackpot in January 2016.

586 billion dollars. This was split among three ticket holders, resulting in the jackpot’s all-time high. Moreover, a ticket purchased in New Jersey with a Quick Pick number combination won $533 million in February 2018, making it the sixth-largest Powerball jackpot in the game’s history.

Has anyone won Powerball by picking their own numbers?

Yes, some Powerball winners have picked their own numbers and won big. Jackson, a 66-year-old retired store-owner in North Carolina, won $344 million Powerball jackpot having picked his winning lottery numbers on the back of the piece of paper inside a fortune cookie given to him by his granddaughter.

While the fortune cookie claimed to offer lucky numbers, Jackson still did not expect them to be lucky enough to win him hundreds of millions of dollars. “You play to win, but you never really expect to win the whole dang pot,” Jackson told Lottery officials.

How many times has the Powerball been won with a quick pick?

Many people have won by using a Quick Pick since the Powerball game was introduced in 1992. Since the game’s start, there have been a total of fifty Quick Pick winners. Their prizes have ranged in size from a few hundred thousand to several hundred million dollars.

A Quick Pick ticket won a jackpot of around $429 million dollars in 2016, for example. Another famous occurrence is from 2013, when three tickets won the jackpot totaling $448 million. In addition to the main prize, Quick Pick tickets have won other prizes. Since 1992, Quick Pick tickets have won almost five thousand second prize tickets worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Do most lottery winners use Quick Pick?

According to the research, nearly 80% of Powerball jackpot-winning tickets are quick picks. The majority of purchases are quick picks, which is the reason the percentage is so high. If the majority of participants selected their own numbers, we would expect to observe a higher percentage of manual picks.

Are most Powerball winners random numbers?

No, on the contrary, more Quick Pickers than self-pickers win lottery prizes, if you go strictly by the numbers. Almost 70% of lottery winners choose their numbers using Quick Pick. But, almost the same percentage of all lottery participants — between 70% and 80% — use Quick Pick to select their numbers.

Biggest Quick Pick Lottery Winners:

Over the years, there have been many big Quick Pick lottery winners who have hit jackpots worth millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars. In fact, some of the biggest lottery winners in history have used Quick Pick to select their numbers. These lucky winners come from all walks of life, with some being regular players and others buying their tickets on a whim. Getting to know some real life quick pick winners may help in finding the answer to the question we have at hand – Are Most Lottery Winners Quick Picks? Lets read on.


Joe Katalinic, a retired fisherman in Richmond, Canada, was living a simple life in 2019. Joe, who was 84 years old, preferred the calm life. Joe did play the lottery, though. He was a regular player of the national Lotto Max lottery game for years, and he usually preferred to select his own numbers to play with rather than relying Quick Picks.

Joe, however, chose to buy a quick pick ticket for the July 26, 2019, draw.   He miraculously became the winner of the $60 million jackpot.


On August 22, 2014, the Mega Millions jackpot surpassed the $180 million mark. Yet, for one player, this was insignificant. Richard Knudsen, a RWC Building Products branch manager from California, was not a lottery regular. In truth, Rick only played the lottery about five times a year on average. Rick, however, began to feel that something was odd after two days of purchases at various places resulted in him paying exact amounts every time (meaning no change was required).

This superstition nagged at him until he caved in and purchased $10 in quick picks for the draw.  Rick forgot about it—until his sister called to report that the winning Mega Millions ticket was sold in Calimesa, the very location where Rick resided and purchased his ticket. Unbelieving, Rick examined his tickets and discovered that one of his quick picks had won the $180 million jackpot.


A regular player of the US Powerball, Franco purchased tickets for the March 27 draw, which included a massive $768 million jackpot.

Surprisingly, one of the $10 quick pick tickets purchased was the lone winner of the enormous jackpot. Franco became the second-biggest Powerball winner in history, and he became a millionaire faster than he could have imagined. He selected to take his winnings as a cash lump payment, as expected, and earned $326 million after taxes.


On November 28, 2012, Matthew Good was one of two lucky winners of the $587.5 million jackpot paid out by the US Powerball. Matthew put the quick picks under the sun visor of his car after purchasing $10 worth of lottery tickets and forgot about them until the day after the draw. When he remembered to check them, he was astounded to discover that he had won the jackpot.

Matthew received a $136.5 million prize after splitting it with the other winner and opting for a cash lump settlement.

Are lottery quick picks rigged?

The idea that quick picks might be rigged is a common misconception that is often fueled by misunderstandings about how the lottery works. While it is true that some people might prefer to choose their own numbers based on special dates or other factors, quick picks are a legitimate and fair way to play the lottery.

FAQs – Are Most Lottery Winners Quick Picks?

Do quick picks win the lottery more often?

Quick pick numbers win the lottery just as often as self-selected numbers. It’s all down to luck, and neither method has any inherent advantage over the other.

Do most Powerball winners pick their own numbers?

Yes, most Powerball winners pick their own numbers instead of using quick picks. This is likely because they feel more in control and believe that certain numbers are lucky for them.

What are the most likely numbers to win the Powerball jackpot?

The most frequently appearing Powerball numbers are: 1, 26, 18, 10, 10, 2, 12, 11, 9, 6 and 20. The most common primary numbers were also released: 10, 42, 39, 28, 22, 23, 23, 32, 16, 41 and 26.

What wins more quick picks or picked numbers?

There is no statistical evidence to suggest that quick picks or picked numbers win the lottery more often. Each method has an equal chance of winning, and it all comes down to luck.

Are quick picks usually winners?

Quick picks are not usually winners, nor are they usually losers. The odds of winning with a quick pick ticket are the same as the odds of winning with a self-selected ticket.

Are most Powerball winners quick picks?

Most Powerball winners actually pick their own numbers, rather than relying on quick picks. This is because they may have a special number or combination of numbers that they feel are lucky.

How many lottery winners are quick picks?

There is no official data on the number of lottery winners who use quick picks versus those who select their own numbers. It is believed that the percentage of winners who use quick picks is roughly the same as those who choose their own numbers.

Quick pick vs own numbers statistics

There is no statistical difference between using quick pick numbers and picking your own numbers when it comes to the odds of winning the lottery. Both methods have the same chance of producing a winning ticket.

Percentage winning lottery ticket quick pick

There is no official data on the percentage of winning lottery tickets that are quick picks. However, many lottery experts believe that the percentage is roughly equal to the percentage of winning tickets that are self-selected.

Pick 3 quick pick generator

There are various pick 3 quick pick generators available online that randomly generate combinations of numbers. However, using these generators does not increase your chances of winning.

Quick pick Powerball winners

Many Powerball winners have used quick pick tickets to win the jackpot. While there is no statistical advantage to using quick picks, many players find them to be a convenient way to select numbers.

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