Stefan Mandel – Curious case of The Man who won the lottery 14 times

The Man who won the lottery 14 times

Your chances of winning a lottery in your lifetime are one fourth of being struck by lightening. Still, a Romanian-Australian mathematician developed a unique approach that outperformed improbable odds and won the lottery 14 times. We are talking about Stefan Mandel, a mathematician economist of the Communist era Romania.

Stefan Mandel developed a method that secured a life-changing wealth while residing in communist-era Romania, then won more than a dozen jackpots in a surprisingly legitimate lottery operation.
When Mandel started to devise a plan to escape extreme poverty in the late 1950s, he was working as an economist

What Was Mandel’s formula for hacking the Lottery?

He devised his formula after deciding that the lottery was the best chance to happen upon a wealth that might send him to a nation with greater chances

According to Lottery Critic, Mandel eventually found the ideal mathematical formula that could predict five out of the six winning numbers.

He teamed up with three other buddies to try their luck at the prize four years after developing the recipe.
Mandel was just aiming for second place because he needed to match five digits, so he was surprised to take home the top prize.

The entire amount earned, according to Mandel, was 77,783 leu, or almost 18 years’ worth of his pay.

Mandel used this particular algorithm to forecast numbers in the Romanian lottery, but when he relocated to Australia, he revised his approach.

What was Mandel’s strategy in Australia?

The mathematician had access to several UK lottery choices while living in Australia. He viewed this as the basis for a company.

He believed that the simplest approach to increase your odds was to simply buy as many tickets as you could, as opposed to creating a complicated model that anticipated numbers.

By recruiting investors who would pool their funds so Mandel’s firm could purchase tickets in large quantities, he essentially formed a lottery business.

He would waltz to the office to claim his award and distribute the funds to investors and ticket holders after earning a win.

Mandel really went to the lottery offices and declared that there were no laws that would prevent him from purchasing any of the available ticket options and that he had every intention of doing so.

Sadly, following his 13th overall victory, several regulations had been implemented that made it illegal for him to carry on his lottery operation.

This compelled him to consider America, a different, more liberal country.

He focused on the Virginia lottery since there were only 7.1 million possible number combinations after researching all the US lottery alternatives.

Mandel’s crew sprung into action when the jackpot hit $27 million in 1992, and they did so without ever leaving Sydney.

At the time, home printing of lottery tickets was legal, making it possible for anybody to participate provided they took their produced tickets to a convenience shop.

Mandel set up an account so the purchasers of tickets could use checks at the retailers instead of mailing cash all the way to Virginia.

The group put forth a lot of effort, but there was a significant obstacle.

Despite their best efforts, they were unable to secure almost 1,000,000 possible ticket possibilities.

Mandel’s crew managed to score his 14th lottery victory, proving that luck was still on his side.

They won a tonne of second and third place prizes in addition to the $27 million, for a total prize money of over $30 million.

Stefan Mandel was astute enough to realize that predicting which combination would be drawn is impossible, so he reasoned that it would be best to simply play all the combinations in one draw, provided the jackpot and all partial matching combinations were large enough to cover the cost.

In 1995, the well-known lottery winner decided to relocate to Israel. In that country, he was not involved in any lottery business. Mandel left Israel in 2000 and returned several times. His most recent visit ended in May 2002.

It took two years for Israeli authorities to sentence him to ten months in prison. Mandel was never imprisoned because the court did so in his absence. The alleged crime was unrelated to lotteries. Non-publication of a prospectus in a cooperative society was a technical and victimless crime. It took the court 15 years to overturn the conviction and declare that the sentence was illegal. That finally occurred in August 2019, resulting in yet another Mandela victory.

Mandel appears to have decided to retire. According to the most recent information, he fled to the South Pacific. He’s now living in a beach house in Vanuatu, where we’re guessing money isn’t a major concern.

It’s impossible to know Mandel’s current or previous net worth at any point in his lottery career. However, we are confident that he earned millions of dollars and that a significant portion of it is still in his account. Till date Mandel remains the only man who won the lottery 14 times, a record not likely to be broken.

Would Mandel’s Lottery winning formula Succeed Now?

Perhaps you could find a small lottery where you could pull this stunt for a small profit. Large lotteries, on the other hand, learned a valuable lesson and no longer allow a player to do so.

For starters, the odds of winning the jackpots in most games are lower than they used to be. Furthermore, the ticket prices and prize pools are set in such a way that even if someone purchases all of the tickets, he cannot have a positive balance on his account.

Finally, you can no longer print the tickets yourself. Even if purchasing online speeds up the process, you still need millions of tickets, which is difficult to obtain.

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