Shannon Overby of Madison, North Carolina won $200,000 in the lottery

Shannon Overby of Madison, North Carolina won $200,000 in the lottery

Shannon Overby of Madison, North Carolina, was overjoyed when she purchased her most recent winning lottery ticket at Mayodan Marathon on North 2nd Avenue in Mayodan, telling her son that she was going to win big.

The power of suggestion and positive thinking has been credited by a recent lottery winner in Mayodan, North Carolina. Shannon Overby, a woman from Madison, claimed a $200,000 prize on a scratch-off lottery ticket and believes that she “spoke it into existence.” Overby purchased the winning ticket at Mayodan Marathon on North 2nd Avenue and had confidently expressed to her son that she was going to win big.

“I told [my son], ‘I’m going to win this,” Overby shared with the North Carolina Lottery. “I spoke it into existence.”

To her astonishment, Overby’s prediction materialized on a Saturday when she scratched off a $5 “The Price is Right” ticket and discovered the $200,000 grand prize. Recalling the exhilarating moment, she laughed and said, “I nearly passed out in my kitchen. Then I just hugged my son.”

Overby’s recent win brings a ray of sunshine into her life, which has been marked by various challenges. She has experienced the loss of several family members and has faced some health issues. However, she never lost hope and maintained a positive outlook, firmly believing that her luck would change and things would improve.

“I want people to know that staying positive in the face of adversity results in a win in the end,” Overby emphasized. “Just keep being positive, and everything will come back to you.”

Overby visited the Lottery headquarters in Raleigh to claim her prize, which amounted to $142,051 after deductions for state and federal taxes. Overjoyed and grateful, she expressed, “You couldn’t have asked for a more grateful person to win this. I’ve probably cried every day since I won; definitely happy tears.”

Regarding her plans for the prize money, Overby intends to pay off her car, provide support to her local funeral home and animal shelter, and save and invest the remaining funds wisely.

As for the lottery game itself, with Overby claiming the final of the four top prizes of $200,000, the Lottery has announced that the “The Price is Right” scratch-off game will be phased out. While there is currently no official end date or claim deadline for the $5 game, all eight $10,000 second-tier prizes and 32 $2,000 third-tier prizes have been claimed. However, there are still 20 out of 496 $500 prizes available, as well as thousands of other prizes ranging from $200 to $5.

Shannon Overby’s remarkable win serves as a testament to the power of positive thinking and demonstrates that maintaining optimism and resilience can lead to favorable outcomes, even in challenging circumstances.


Q1: How does positive thinking and suggestion play a role in winning scratch-off lottery games?

A1: While there is no guarantee of winning, some individuals, like Shannon Overby, believe that positive thinking and speaking their intentions into existence can influence their luck. Overby claimed to have “spoken” her win into existence, highlighting the power of optimism and belief in attracting favorable outcomes.

Q2: Are scratch-off lottery games a reliable way to win significant prizes?

A2: Scratch-off lottery games offer a chance to win instant prizes, including substantial sums of money. However, it’s important to remember that winning is based on chance, and the odds of winning vary depending on the specific game. Engaging in scratch-off lottery games should be viewed as a form of entertainment, rather than a reliable strategy for financial gain.

Q3: Can positive thinking increase the chances of winning in scratch-off lottery games?

A3: Positive thinking itself does not directly affect the outcome of scratch-off lottery games. These games rely on random chance, and winning is not influenced by mindset or attitude. However, maintaining a positive outlook can help individuals stay optimistic and hopeful during the process, enhancing their overall enjoyment of the game.

Q4: Is there a strategy or technique to increase the likelihood of winning in scratch-off lottery games?

A4: Scratch-off lottery games are designed to be random, and no strategy guarantees a win. Each ticket has pre-determined odds of winning, and the best approach is to choose games with favorable odds. It’s important to set a budget and play responsibly, treating lottery games as a form of entertainment rather than a reliable investment.

Q5: Will the discontinuation of “The Price is Right” scratch-off game affect other scratch-off games?

A5: The discontinuation of a specific scratch-off game, such as “The Price is Right,” does not directly impact other scratch-off games. Lottery organizations regularly introduce and retire various games to offer players a diverse range of options. Scratch-off games will continue to be available, each with its own set of prizes, odds, and rules.

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