Edwin Castro, the winner of the largest jackpot in the world lives in luxury.

Edwin Castro, the winner of the largest jackpot in the world lives in luxury.

The $2.04 billion Powerball jackpot winner has already acquired a mansion in the Hollywood Hills worth $25.5 million, indicating that they are prepared to live a life of luxury.

Edwin Castro, an Altadena homeowner, won the largest jackpot in the game’s history last month, and he isn’t wasting any time putting the astronomical prize money to good use.

Castro’s life has taken an unexpected turn in recent months, with the lottery winner being the proud owner of a three-story contemporary mansion in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, living close to celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Dakota Johnson, and Jimmy Kimmel.

The $25.5 million hillside home begs the issue of whether Castro has kept himself hidden from the public eye by failing to appear at the California Lottery press conference. In addition to its numerous amenities, the mansion is built into the side of a cliff and has more than 13,500 square feet of living space, five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and two powder rooms.

The house was designed and built in 2022 by architect Roman James and featured in the Robb Report, a luxury lifestyle magazine that showcases cars, planes, yachts, watches, and real estate. Castro was able to pay $4.45 million less than the home’s original asking price of $29.95 million.

A kitchen with black granite worktops and a large living area with a contemporary fireplace are located on opposing ends of the main level. The infinity pool, complete outdoor kitchen, and L.A. Behind a wall of unbroken glass, the entire skyline is visible. both the Pacific Ocean and the skyline.

“Roman James did a wonderful job of pulling the vast vistas into the home to create an intimate environment for moments alone or with guests,” says Stefan Pommepuy of The Agency. “Even though it’s modern and trendy, it yet has the homey vibe of a place you’d be delighted to call home.”

The top and lower floors also have a gym, a cold plunge pool, a wine cellar, a movie theatre, and a dry sauna. The master suite’s private balcony and rooftop patio are the icing on this stunning home.

There will be plenty of space for parking if Castro wishes to add more cars to his garage space. If that isn’t enough, he will have a flat motor court that can house numerous more cars, in addition to the two separate garages that can each store up to seven cars.

The facility is located directly above Château Marmot, a well-known hotel that is also a frequent hangout for celebrities. Regardless of whether or not Castro decides to take the plunge and immerse himself in the early stages of his burgeoning luxury lifestyle, the fact that his new home has an adequate quantity of amenities and space makes it highly unlikely that he will ever leave.

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